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Governance and Management Roles in Transforming and Integrating Independent Organizations within Interdependent Local Health Networks
This essay, and the attached survey on the role of the governance and management have been designed to provoke the thinking of Board members and CEO’s of hospitals, CCAC’s, community agencies and clinics, primary care teams and public health units in the Ontario healthcare system.
Best Practice Balanced Score Cards for Governance, Organizations and CEOs
This essay is intended to provoke the thinking of Boards, managers and policy-makers on how some of these lessons and emerging best practices could be adapted to their unique circumstances.
Leading an Organization Through Balanced Scorecard Transformation Process
This essay is intended to provoke the thinking of healthcare leaders about how they can overcome some of the obstacles and challenges that they will encounter if they decide to undertake their own Balanced Scorecard learning journey.
Skills, Structure and Culture Required for Successful Balanced Scorecarding
This essay is for those who want to get a better understanding of a decade worth of “lessons learned” and the emerging “best practices” in balanced scorecarding in the healthcare sector. The bottom line from the research and from our collective experience: scorecarding is about people, and how to mobilize them, as much as it is about strategy, and how to measure the outcomes or results of strategy.
Redefining Accountability in the Healthcare Sector
The bottom-line message in this essay is: the concept, and the process of accountability needs to be fundamentally redefined within the public sector – from top to bottom.
Linking Board / CEO & Management Accountabilities
This paper examines best practices between Boards and CEOs; between managers and the front-line staff who deliver services; and it examines some of the best practice tools and processes for linking Board/CEO and management accountabilities.
Designing and Creating Second Curve Healthcare Systems e_Systems
What is this shift from the First to Second Curve healthcare delivery systems, and how is the shift occurring?
Health System Transformation Report: Thriving in the Emerging Healthcare System
An update on how organizations can succeed in the LHIN environment by Ted Ball.
Implementing Health Reform: Will We Make The Made-in-Ontario Solution Work, Or Start Over Again
by Ted Ball and Elinor Caplan.
What's Changing: Discovering Your System's Shared Reality & Shared Vision
by Ted Ball and IPAC CEO Gabriel Sékaly.
The Toronto Star's Carol Goar reports on Ted Ball's Health System Transformation Report: Thriving in the Emerging Healthcare System